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We R-O-A-P

In 2016, we developed “ROAP”, an internal core system that allows us to navigate through the diverse range of challenges that each of our clients face. Our team follows a particular set of protocols from induction to post-sales service for each client that we associate with.


Step 1

We procure all project details including project timeline, assessment criteria & prescribed reading material. From hereon, we conduct our research thoroughly as per the client’s requirement and use standard referencing procedures.


Step 2

Content organization is a tricky process. We organize the data we obtain constantly into an appropriate structure that allows the reader to navigate through the project effectively.


We critically analyze the data that we collect to provide both open-ended & precise observations that are insightful for the readers.

Step 3


Step 4

The elements of presenting projects is limited to the purview of the respective academic systems that our clients follow. We know how to blend in creative elements to make projects visually appealing and attractive for readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need


How do we charge clients?

We charge a service fee for all projects that we consult. This service fee is calculated on a case-to-case basis as it is subject to various factors. Our team provides an estimate to the clients after evaluating all relevant information and once a client agrees, we send them our invoice.

How much time does it take to complete a project?

It is advisable for students to take as much time as possible before their deadline to achieve the highest result. While we prefer having at least 14-21 days for working on a project, we can work on urgent assignments as well.

Who are our prospective clients?

Our services are directed to serve students who are either pursuing the IB-DP program or a management degree from any global university.

What do we do?

We consult students in preparing various academic projects that include essays, dissertations, presentations & reports.

How should you connect with us?

After our clients raise an inquiry by filling the form on the "Connect" page, we directly connect with them to discuss their queries & demands.

What do we need from you?

Clients must provide all relevant details of the project that include - Topic/Question, Deadline, Word Count, Format & all study material required to work on the project.